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#99 Types of Services

January 13, 2021

Learn Polish in a fun way with short Episodes. This lesson we talk about tastes, shapes and colours


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In this Episode we discuss:


Usługi- Services


Z jakich usług korzystasz?- What services do you use?


Warsztat samochodowy- Service station


Fryzjer- Hairdresser


Kosmetyczka- Beautician


Krawiec- Tailor


Szewc- Shoemaker


Poczta- Post office


Jak często chodzisz do fryzjera?- How often do you go to the hairdresser?


Jak często jeździsz do warsztatu?- How often do you go to the service station?


Czy chodziłeś do szewca?- Did you go to the shoemaker?


Cały dzień jesteś w butach- You're in shoes all day


Ubezpieczenia- Insurance


Chodzisz na pocztę?- Do you go to the post office?


Chodzisz do kosmetyczki?- Do you go to the beautician?


Czy Wy korzystacie z usług?- Do you use the services?


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